About the Journal

Inverge Journal of Social Sciences (IJSS) is an independent international academic and research journal with an editorial team made up of many of the world's leading academicians, professionals, and researchers. Inverge Journal of Social Sciences is a well-reputed and high-impact factor journal. Inverge Journal of Social Sciences provides article publication and conducts research conferences periodically.

Inverge Journal of Social Sciences is a quarterly, double-blind, peer-reviewed, open-access, international journal dedicated to assisting the global scientific community and broader scientific interests. Inverge Journal of Social Sciences has a strict policy against plagiarism, is committed to maintaining the integrity of academic documents, and believes that its work assists and supports the scholarly group in all aspects of research, ethics, and publishing policies.

Inverge Journal of Social Sciences is not affiliated or associated with, or represents, any governmental or non-governmental entity, as well as any public or private institute or university.

Aims & Objectives

The Inverge Journal of Social Sciences’ main objective is to publish academic work in the field of social sciences. In addition to statistical and quantitative analysis, published research may also use a theoretical or speculative model. All fields are encouraged to contribute if they have pertinent and interesting observations to offer regarding the social sciences and emerging trends and technologies.


The Inverge Journal of Social Sciences publishes cutting-edge research in the fields of Anthropology, Development Studies, Economics, Education, Gender Studies, International Relations, Management Sciences (Marketing, Finance, HRM, and Project Management), Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology and sociology, among others. Any appropriate kind of contribution is welcome, including critical essays, analyses of research or policy, discussions, and retorts to previously published material.


                                                                                                               Dr. Muhammad Asif

                                                                                                               Editor-in-Chief (IJSS)