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Inverge Journal of Social Sciences (IJSS) is an Open access journal. It is an important tool in the world of scholarly communication. In recent years, open access has become increasingly important in order to provide access to scientific research to a wider audience. As a result, IJSS adopted open access policies to make their content more accessible and easier to read. An open access policy is a statement that is provided by IJSS to the public which explains their commitment to making their content freely available online.

This policy typically outlines the rights of readers to access and use the content for educational, research, and other non-commercial purposes. It also outlines the rights of the authors of the content, such as the right to be properly credited for their work and to receive royalties from any re-use of the content. In addition to providing access to research, open access journals can also provide a platform for authors to publish their work in a way that is available to the wider public. This can be of great benefit to both authors and readers, as it allows authors to share their work more easily and readers to access the information more quickly. By making the content accessible, open access journals can help to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between researchers and the general public. Open access policies can also help to ensure that the content is of a high quality while also providing a more equitable platform for authors. By allowing authors to retain the rights to their work, they can be more assured that their research is being properly credited and used. Additionally, open access policies can help to ensure that authors are compensated for their work, allowing them to continue their research without fear of exploitation.


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